Patient Stories

When Janet Schulin tore her ACL

When Janet Schulin tore her ACL, she remembered the success of her husband's surgery when he suffered the same injury and was treated by Dr. Woods. "I was skating with my children when the ligament tore," says Mrs. Schulin, mother of two and active sports enthusiast. "It wasn't particularly painful, but my knee kept giving away whenever I tried to stand up." Read more of Janet's story...

Jordan sustained the most common type of elbow fracture in children

After jostling with a friend one evening and taking a fall, Jordan Kindred came to her parents in tears, clutching her right elbow. "She was clearly in a great deal of pain, and we were alarmed by how swollen her arm was," says Dawn Kindred, Jordan's mother. "Our first thought was to get Jordan to the nearest hospital," she recalls. Read more of Jordan's story...

Shot through the left femur while serving in Vietnam

In 1965, Kemp was shot through the left femur while serving in Vietnam. As a result of that wound, Kemp's leg bowed increasingly over the years, becoming crooked and, ultimately, two inches shorter than his right leg. The inner side of the veteran's left knee joint wore out, and Kemp struggled with a painful, disabling condition and a discouraging prognosis from many physicians. Read more of Kemp's story...

“Freak” accident results in an open fracture of the left tibia

I sustained an open fracture of the left tibia in a “freak” accident involving an automobile. Initial debridement (cleaning of the site) and wound closure was performed by an orthopedic surgeon within 4 hours of the accident and further debridements were performed 3 days later. Read more of this patient's story...

Back pain was disrupting all aspects of his life

"When Mr. Lewellen first came to see me, his back pain was disrupting all aspects of his life - - the ability to work at a physically demanding job, his enjoyment of recreational and family activities, and the need to sleep through the night pain-free," says Dr. Kozak, a board-certified reconstructive spinal surgeon who practices at Texas Orthopedic Hospital. "Like so many people who don't know effective treatment is available," says Dr. Kozak, "Mr. Lewellen had given up hope and suffered constant pain." Bob Lewellen had suffered longer than most. Read more of Mr. Lewellen's story...

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Contamination Linked To NECC Products: Important Information – October 2012


As soon as we learned of the issues with products received from NECC we immediately stopped using them. However, some of our patients did receive doses of medications from NECC. While these medications have not currently been confirmed as causing infections, and authorities believe the risk is very low, we are in the process of notifying these patients out of an abundance of caution as advised by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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