Limb Reconstruction & Trauma

Acute and reconstructive trauma surgeons at Texas Orthopedic Hospital are recognized internationally for their expertise and extraordinary level of experience in treating fractures. Patients with severe acute injuries of the extremities benefit from the most advanced techniques of surgical stabalization as well as an accelerated course of post-injury rehabilitation. The proper, well-executed, timely treatment maximizes long-term function and facilitates an early return to lifestyle activities.

The surgeons are recognized as leaders in the fields of fracture non-unions (fractured bones that will not heal), deformities and malunion (crooked or short bones following an injury), and infections. As such, other orthopedic surgeons routinely refer their most difficult post-traumatic problems and complications to the Center for Problem Fractures and Limb Restoration. The Reconstructive Trauma Team often receives the most hopeless of cases-patients who are years out from their initial injury and have been told that they are out of options, that amputation is inevitable. Even in these most desperate of situations, the Reconstructive Trauma Team is often able to save a patient’s limb and restore function.

Patients who have suffered for many years, or perhaps even their entire lives, with skeletal deformities often fine solutions at Texas Orthopedic Hospital. The Ilizarov Method used is an innovative technique that promotes bone growth in both children and adults. The method may be used to literally lengthen or straighten abnormal bones. The most severely debilitating conditions can often be corrected, with life-changing results. More about limb reconstruction... LINK GOES HERE/

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