Texas Orthopedic Hospital recognizes the spine as the foundation of the body. The spine surgeons practice conservatively utilizing minimally invasive techniques whenever possible. Should surgery be required, the Facility provides surgical intervention, from out-patient spinal surgery to major spinal reconstruction and management of scoliosis.

The spinal column normally grows in a straight line from the neck to the pelvis. For some patients, during childhood, the spine begins to curve in an “S or C” shape, developing incorrectly. Left untreated, the curve may get progressively worse, causing pain and possibly leading to serious health complications that affect the lungs and heart. With early detection, the physicians can identify the appropriate treatment, as well as the age for corrective action.

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Spinal Diagnostic and Treatment Center

Texas Orthopedic Hospital’s Spinal Diagnostic and Treatment Center’s team of physicians and staff provide an exceptional environment for educating patients and family members on th diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of the spine.

The Spinal Diagnostic and Treatment Center utilizes fluroscopy guided x-ray so injections to areas of the spine that generate pain may be identified as quickly as possible. These may include: facet joint pain, nerve root pain, or discogenic pain. The Center’s team approach and the most advanced technology allow patients to receive the highest level of care and outcomes.

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