Fondren Orthopedic Group, LLP

Texas Orthopedic Hospital is home to the highly-respected physicians of Fondren Orthopedic Group. They are one of the most comprehensive associations of private orthopedic surgery practitioners in Houston. Learn more.

Joe W. King

The Joe E. King Orthopedic Institute founded in 1989, is a research and education organization housed within the Hospital’s facility. The Institute’s primary goal is to move orthopedic care beyond conventional practice by developing new procedures and techniques, through clinical and academic research, which directly benefit the patient. Toward that goal, the Institute coordinates 10 to 12 research projects a year, contributing to the practice and understanding of orthopedics on a national and international scale. Committed to advancing the practice of orthopedics and sports medicine through research and education, the Joe W. King Orthopedic Institute provides a variety of educational opportunities to physicians, allied health professionals and the public.

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