On June 25, 2020 Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order on elective surgeries in four counties as part of his update on the state's ongoing response to COVID-19.

Texas Orthopedic Hospital is a specialty hospital that currently does not actively care for patients with COVID-19. However, we have been using established protocols to screen for patients with COVID-19 and refer them appropriately when identified.

Our goal during this pandemic is to avoid contributing to the increase in the spread of the virus and to responsibly use available PPE (Personal protective equipment).

After reviewing the order and the implications to our patients, it is important to know that Texas Orthopedic Hospital will continue on with elective surgeries through a careful vetting process meeting the requirements under Governor Abbott's executive order.

For more on our COVID-19 preparedness efforts, including how we are reinforcing infection prevention protocols and guidance from the CDC and sourcing necessary supplies and equipment, visit our Resource Hub.