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International Services

For additional information please contact
Stephanie Rodarte, Coordinator of International Relations
Texas Orthopedic Hospital
7401 South Main
Houston, TX 77030
Fax: 713-383-5222

The Office of International Relations specializes in recognizing the needs of individuals from abroad who seek medical treatment in the United States.

The staff provide warmth, grace, attention to detail, and the ability to listen. There can be additional stress for international patients. Our caring staff helps to ease that gap and makes patients feel more at home.

The Office of International Relations at Texas Orthopedic Hospital offers the following personalized services for international patients:

  • Expertise in cultural awareness and language needs
  • Physician-patient assistance and coordination, including interpretation, scheduling appointments, escorting, conference calls to foreign countries
  • Estimated costs and billing information including payment facilitation and coordination with all billing offices (hospital, physician, anesthesiology, foreign insurance)
  • Hotel recommendations
  • Airport transportation assistance and city orientation
  • Admitting and discharge assistance
  • Patient and family visitation and representation while patient is admitted
  • Interpretation and translation services are available in Spanish, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For over 40+ additional languages, a 24-48 hour advance notice is required

In addition, the Office of International Relations provides the following services for physicians and affiliated institutions:

  • Coordinates physician visitations
  • City orientation for visiting physicians
  • Referrals to other facilities
  • Letters of guarantee distribution
  • Consultation and advice regarding cultural and foreign matters
  • Communication and consultation between health institutions, embassies and other payors
  • “We focus on each patient’s individual and unique needs while maintaining awareness and recognition of cultural diversity.”

Alternate info

  • Physician Referrals
  • Patient Assistance and Coordination
  • Pre-registration
  • Estimated Medical Costs and Billing
  • Admitting and Discharge
  • Travel and Hotel Recommendations
  • City Orientation
  • Patient/Physician Liaison
  • Interpretation Services
  • Translation of Medical Procedures and Documentation

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