Houston, TX – In celebration of National Nurses Week (May 6-12) and Hospital Week (May 10-16), leaders from Texas Orthopedic Hospital today cut the ribbon to commemorate the completion of a new mural inspired by the coronavirus pandemic and dedicated to all hospital colleagues. Located on the first level of the hospital parking garage, the vibrant 9 ½ ft. x 20 ft. mural will be viewed by employees, physicians, patients and visitors as they enter and exit the garage each day.

The graphic artists of East N West Murals – Lucero “Lucy” Lozano of Richmond, Texas and Willie Yang of Houston – donated the mural as a gift for the Texas Orthopedic Hospital staff and physicians who are committed to changing and improving the lives of patients. Together, they dedicated 27 hours, over the course of two weekends, to design and hand-paint the mural.

“Our employee and physician colleagues feel honored to receive this beautiful gift of art created by Lucero and Willie of East N West Murals,” said Eric Becker, CEO of Texas Orthopedic Hospital. “They’ve donated their personal time, talent and resources to show their appreciation of our heroic caregivers, who are brave, selfless and committed to caring for our patients,” added Becker.

The mural features two superhero healthcare workers standing together in a field of “kryptonite” and flowers wearing protective face masks. “When I started brainstorming about what Willie and I could design, I kept thinking about the idea of ‘not all heroes wear capes.’ Coincidentally, I later found out that the hospital has been promoting a ‘heroes work here’ theme to support their staff, so it seemed like it was almost meant to be,” said Lozano.

“We’ve worked together for seven years as desktop graphic designers, but we’ve always wanted to do bigger projects in our spare time,” stated Yang. “Working on this mural gave us the opportunity to give back to the community, while doing something we love. Lucy and I know that healthcare workers are the real heroes, and our mural will serve as a daily reminder of the difference they make as they take care of the community,” said Yang.

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