HOUSTON, TEXAS – Texas Orthopedic Hospital, located in the Texas Medical Center, announced today they are now offering robotic-assisted surgeries for spine and joint replacement.

The robotic spine procedures will support upper-middle back (thoracic) and lower back (lumbar) surgeries, and the joint replacement procedures will help with total knee and partial knee replacements. The new robotics program officially launched in October 2021 and Texas Orthopedic Hospital physicians have already completed over 70 robotic-assisted surgeries.

“Robotic technologies are highly effective at producing reproducible results for joint replacement patients due to their high degree of accuracy,” said Dr. Ugo Ihekweazu, an orthopedic surgeon at Texas Orthopedic Hospital who specializes in hip and knee replacements.

These innovative robotic-assisted technologies improve the precision of bone cuts and implant placement. Early studies suggest improvements in outcomes with robotic-assisted surgeries due to technology providing real-time feedback to the surgeon for soft tissue balancing and implant alignment.

“Robotic technology allows the surgeon to plan the surgery ahead of time, delivering increased accuracy in the OR,” said Dr. William Steele, a neurosurgeon at Texas Orthopedic Hospital. “It suits each patient with a more customized approach according to their anatomy.”

Texas Orthopedic Hospital is a leader in orthopedic care in the greater Houston area. The addition of robotic-assisted surgeries will continue to provide exceptional orthopedic care through innovative technology.  

“Our robotics program allows the hospital to stay on the cutting edge of technology and provides an exciting opportunity to offer patients seeking minimally invasive procedures,” said Eric Becker, CEO at Texas Orthopedic Hospital.