The Office of International Relations specializes in recognizing and meeting the needs of individuals from abroad who seek medical treatment in the United States. 

We understand there may be additional stress for international patients, which is why we promise to provide warmth, grace, attention to detail and the ability to listen. We strive to accommodate cultural differences and make both our medical facility and interactions with staff considerate and appropriate for patients and their families. We offer a wide range of translation services and assist with logistics including travel and accommodations. We believe that at a time when health conditions and disease may create great anxiety for the patient and family as they seek international medical services, the matters involved in obtaining that care should be as easy as possible.

Our Services for International Patients

Some of the personalized, international patient services we provide for international patients includes:

  • Expertise in cultural awareness and language needs
  • Estimated costs and billing information, including payment facilitation and coordination with all billing offices (hospital, physician, anesthesiology, foreign insurance)
  • Hotel recommendations
  • Airport transportation assistance and city orientation
  • Admitting and discharge assistance
  • Patient and family visitation, and representation while patient is admitted
  • Interpretation and translation services for more than 40 languages are available 24/7 through the Language Line

Our Services for Visiting Physicians and Affiliated Institutions

In addition, the Office of International Relations provides services for visiting physicians and affiliated institutions, including:

  • Coordination of physician visitations
  • City orientation
  • Referrals to other facilities
  • Letters of guarantee distribution
  • Consultation and advice regarding cultural and foreign matters
  • Communication and consultation between health institutions, embassies and other payors