• Jim Irvine


    For almost a year, 53-year-old Jim Irvine, a highly competitive cyclist, was sidelined due to chronic hip problems.

  • Chris and Lucas Matt

    Chris and Lucas Matt share more than the same birthday. The identical twins now boast matching scars on their left legs, thanks to knee surgeries resulting from injuries they sustained playing football.

  • Ryleigh Rodgers


    Ryleigh Rodgers wants to be a pediatric surgeon. Her battles with a rare medical condition and multiple spine procedures have prepared her for the hard work ahead.

  • George Gazis


    What initially brought George Gazis to Texas Orthopedic Hospital was a shoulder injury. What has kept him coming back is the consistently high level of care he has received.

  • Jeffrey Kozak, MD



    As a patient, you want complete confidence in the person rendering the scalpel, but making the leap to have someone you personally know create the first incision takes things to a deeper level.

  • Linda DeBolt & Katherine “Kathy” Tweeton



    What are the chances of two sisters undergoing surgery on the same day? Pretty slim. Now, what are the chances of two sisters undergoing the same type of surgery on the same day, at the same hospital, by the same surgeon? It’s hard to imagine, even despite the fact the sisters are two of 11 siblings.