Jeffrey Kozak, MD



Choosing a surgeon to operate on you can be a life changing moment. As you narrow down potential providers, you often ask extensively about a surgeon’s history and education, their outcomes and their approach to patient care. 

That’s exactly the decision that Jeffrey Kozak, MD, of Fondren Orthopedic Group and Texas Orthopedic Hospital, an affiliate of HCA Healthcare’s Gulf Coast Division, had to think through last fall as he prepared for hip surgery. As a patient, you want complete confidence in the person rendering the scalpel, but making the leap to have someone you personally know create the first incision takes things to a deeper level. However, as Dr. Kozak quickly found out, the decision is much easier when the surgeon is an expert in their field at one of the busiest orthopedic hospitals in the country.

“I am blessed, because I work at Texas Orthopedic Hospital, which is nationally ranked with extremely high patient satisfaction and excellent outcomes. I never considered going anywhere else,” said Dr. Kozak. 

Dr. Kozak is no stranger to surgery; outside of his work as an orthopedic surgeon specializing in spinal reconstructive surgery, he’s had nine bone and joint-related surgeries. When his most recent hip injury occurred while on vacation in the desert, Dr. Kozak first wanted to take a conservative approach. He met with his colleague, Robin Goytia, MD, to devise a plan. After months of conservatively managing the issue, the pain became increasingly limiting, and he made the decision to have his hip replaced. 

“The hip replacement was the right next step, because Dr. Kozak had been limping for years and it was affecting his back and limiting his active lifestyle,” said Dr. Goytia. “We thought the anterior approach would give him the mobility that he needed, a low dislocation risk and a quick recovery. He still needed to see patients, work in clinic and do surgery, and that was the best way I thought I could get him there the quickest.”   

Dr. Goytia is an expert in the minimally invasive anterior total hip replacement approach, where the hip joint is accessed from the front of the hip, rather than the traditional approach from the side or back. This approach boasts less damage to major muscles, and for some patients, a faster, less painful recovery.

Almost immediately after the successful surgery, it was hard to keep up with Dr. Kozak. Within hours, he was up and walking and was discharged the morning after surgery. In just a few days, he was back to his busy practice.

“Ultimately, it was a seamless experience,” said Dr. Kozak. ”Dr. Goytia and his staff are committed to ensuring the best patient care -- I knew I was always in good hands.”