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Jeffrey Kozak, MD

Jeffrey Kozak, MD
Posted on: 08/17/2018

When orthopedic surgeon Jeffrey Kozak, MD, found himself in need of a new hip, he knew just where to turn.

Dr. Kozak is no stranger to surgery. Outside of his work as an orthopedic surgeon specializing in spinal reconstructive surgery, he’s had nine bone- and joint-related surgeries. When his most recent hip injury occurred – while racing in the Baja desert – Dr. Kozak entrusted his care to fellow Fondren Orthopedic Group surgeon Robin Goytia, MD, and Texas Orthopedic Hospital.

“I am blessed I work at Texas Orthopedic Hospital, which is nationally ranked with extremely high patient satisfaction and excellent outcomes,” says Dr. Kozak. “I never considered going anywhere else.”

Initially, Dr. Kozak took a conservative approach, focusing on managing his pain. But after months of conservatively managing his symptoms, his pain became limiting, and he made the decision to have his hip replaced. “The hip replacement was the right next step for Dr. Kozak,” says Dr Goytia. “His hip had begun to affect his back and was limiting his active lifestyle.”

The two surgeons consulted and decided on the minimally-invasive anterior approach. “We thought the anterior approach would give him the mobility he needed, a low dislocation risk and a swift recovery. He still needed to see patients, work in clinic and perform surgery. I felt this approach would get him there most quickly,” says Dr. Goytia.

Dr. Goytia and the other joint replacement surgeons at Texas Orthopedic Hospital are experts in minimally invasive surgical techniques, which have been found to minimize muscle damage and pain, and speed a patient’s recovery.

Within hours of his surgery, Dr. Kozak, like 90 percent of the joint replacement patients at Texas Orthopedic Hospital, was walking. The next morning, he was discharged from the hospital. And in just a few days, he was back to his busy practice.

“Ultimately, it was a seamless experience” says Dr. Kozak. “Dr. Goytia and his staff are committed to ensuring the best patient care. I knew I was in good hands.”

Jeffrey Kozak, MD
Posted on: 08/17/2018

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